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Why Shopify Print on Demand is Better ThanMerch by Amazon in 2021

by Korain Go

Build your online shop, sell your own t-shirts, and run it as a location-independent business. This works out! 

This post will show you how to build a sustainable t-shirt business with Shopify and Print on Demand, even with little start-up capital.

Sell ​​T-shirts with POD Marketplace

Platforms such as Merch by Amazon (MBA) or Spreadshirt allow creatives to design their merch products and sell them on their marketplaces without pre-producing and storing them themselves. These products are also only printed as soon as an order is placed.

Advantages of print on demand

Those who use print on demand for their business have some advantages. These are the main ones:

  • Overproduction is avoided, and resources are conserved.
  • Nothing has to be pre-produced, which means that risks and costs can be greatly minimized or eliminated entirely.
  • Entry barriers for new companies and projects are low.
  • The dispatch to the end customer is carried out directly by the POD service.
  • As a shop operator, author, or entrepreneur, you do not have to keep warehousing and the associated costs.
  • The choice of POD providers and products is growing steadily.

Sell ​​T-shirts With Shopify and POD Connection

Perhaps you are now asking yourself: Why not start a classic shirt business?

In my opinion, having your own shop is an extension of the classic shirt business. It also represents a completely new business model. 

It’s much more in the direction of e-commerce – with all the tasks and opportunities that go with it.

Shopify POD

I have used several POD platforms intensively in the past few years and have also recorded quite a good income. As lucrative as Amazon and its MBA program can be, I see a decisive disadvantage for the merch providers: And that is not the growing competition on the US marketplace (which in my opinion is still manageable), but the power of Amazon and the related dependency. 

Anyone who already uses other programs such as FBA or the partner network knows that Amazon is known for making short-term changes without prior notice. Of course, this annoys many salespeople and makes long-term planning difficult. 

With some short-term changes, there are also financial losses to which you, as a seller, have to react quickly to avoid worse things. But other providers such as Spreadshirt have come under fire from time to time, as recently through the new pricing policy that annoyed many users.

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