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Why Does Traveling Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

by Grace Rouse

Many entrepreneurs love to travel. And it’s probably not a coincidence. Entrepreneurship looks in many ways like a trip: preparing the journey, the stages, the budget associated with each item of expenditure. We must learn through readings, feedback from experiences, meetings. Once the organization is over, it’s about knowing how to let go to make the most of the moment and make your journey evolve where it takes you: every day, meetings, constraints or opportunities will be able to change the course of your adventure. But beyond this parallel, travel is about developing human skills and abilities that will make you a better entrepreneur.  

Organization, anticipation, and time management  

A trip is a mini project. You have to organize your trip, your steps, your timing, and especially your budget! We have to think of major steps, long term, without neglecting the small details… If your passport is out of date at the time of departure or you have not had a mandatory vaccine, your entire trip may be in jeopardy. In this sense, organizing a trip increases one’s capacity for organization and anticipation. 

Besides, one of the factors behind the success of a trip is good time management and prioritization. When you choose a new destination, you have to manage your frustration: you want to discover all the beautiful places the country has to offer. Yet you have to face the constraints of time, distance, budget… and so you have to make choices.  

The entrepreneurial adventure is in this sense similar to your trips. During the creation and development of your business, one of the biggest difficulties is to accept that you can only do a few things at once, but also to do them well. If you want to do everything, seize every opportunity… you risk scattering and end up doing nothing at all.  

The same thing can be said for traveling: it’s rare to see everything at once in a country. It is better to focus on a few steps and explore them as much as possible. 


Travel opens the mind. It allows us to see that people live differently and think differently. Neither better nor worse. But differently. When you don’t travel, you may tend to think that your way of life and your standards and values are global. Yet your environment, your values, your education, and your culture are data that you have deeply integrated from a very young age and that determines who you are and subsequently your worldview.  

When you go on trips, you realize that certain cultures bring different visions, values, and ways of thinking… and that one can live with a philosophy of life that is different from yours.  

From a social and anthropological point of view, it is also fascinating to make the correlation between cultures, ways of consuming, and marketing messages addressed. 

Creativity and decision making  

Traveling develops creativity and sometimes reveals little-known aspects of one’s personality: more sociable, resourceful, sensitive, stressed, or joyful. In contact with other cultures, you can realize that certain values and lifestyles resonate deeply with your inner self and make you more creative and open.  

Traveling also allows you to develop your creativity in the face of unforeseen events, and improve your decision-making abilities. When you go on trips, you often have to face new constraints that require you to adapt and be creative in order to overcome them.  

You were planning on spending two weeks on the beach and it’s just raining? Did you plan on staying for a while in a place that you finally hate? You need to be able to change your plans quickly or risk ruining your adventure. Or even learn to find new positive things in a negative environment, such as learning the local language.  

Traveling means going out of your comfort zone. It is accepting to learn something, without mastering all of its parameters and loving this state where one must be creative and reactive. At each step, one can find a good surprise or a bad one, one must be able to adapt at each moment. 

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