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Tips for passing food handlers certificate exam

by Grace Rouse

Food handlers certificate exam is an exam you will have to take as far as food safety certification is concerned. There are certain tips for passing this exam. Taking this exam might be due to a need to work in a catering service, hotel, restaurant and bar. 

Preparations enable you to pass this exam, whether you are taking this exam on a personal computer or at work. The term food safety is common and when you pay more attention to the material of the course, you create an avenue to pass. The steps below will help you pass your food handlers certificate exam.

Material studies

This is among the steps that are most obvious. The course has study materials necessary to pass the exam. Nevertheless conduct research too. Get to know the food safety law website of the provincial government since they can give you information that you can use to pass the exam, including relevant context with regards to regulations and food sanitation. Certain resources can help you pass the exam like:

  • Food safety legislation of British Columbia.
  • Alberta’s Food Safety Training Modules of Alberta.
  • Manitoba Food and Food Handling Regulation of the Public Health Act.
  • Food Safety Regulations of the Health Protection Act of Nova Scotia.
  • Food Safety: A Guide for Ontario’s Food Handlers.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Guide to Food Safety.

Group studies

It is an efficient thing to study with a group, than individually. This is because your coworkers will offer you experience and information. Compare notes, help and test each other in places or topics of struggle. When you study in a group, you can figure out the crucial aspect of the module missed as you jot down points.

Seek help

Seek the help you need if you have a difficult topic. Certain platforms offer students more access that enables them study for each minute. They offer a safety course online that enables you review the material from your tablet or computer when you want or where you are.

Have a mindset and focus

When you are studying, make it relevant. Don’t put on the television and be studying at the same time. Sometimes adding a Zen music can help or switch it off. Ensure that there is a particular quality of time for studying and choose places where you don’t get distracted. Do cram at night without boycotting revisions. When you are studying for a course in food safety, it is like someone preparing for a school test.

Avoid anxiety

Anxiety can prevent you from getting ready for an exam when you study. Go for breaks when you need it. Don’t be nervous, cool down and take your exam. Meditation and breathing exercises can serve.

Get the materials a day before

Don’t wait till the day of the exam, before you gather relevant materials, with regards to a classroom. If you are taking the exam online, you need an efficient internet connection.

Take some good rest

Don’t study to the last-minute. When you prepare well, you take some rest to keep fit for the exam.

Take your meals

Brush up your appetite with some meals. You can ace the exam when you take your meals. When you are fused out you may not take the exam well. However study your appetite. Don’t be too heavy for the exam either, and don’t take anything that can lead to sleep.

Taking the test

The next thing to take the test. Avoid distractions, cool down and take your test. Sometimes you may know the results of the test immediately.

Get treatment

After the exams, stay cool and get some coffee or tea depending on your choice too. Be confident too.

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