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Things To Know About Food Safety Certification

by Karol Kuzmin

Food safety certification helps to promote your food business. There are certain things to know about food safety certification and that’s what this post will tell you. Food safety certification tells your customers that you are supplying them with standard food products.

A food safety certification is a certificate that shows that a person has the relevant skills and knowledge to manage food items in a safe way, with the territories and provinces of the law. A food safety certificate can be called a Food Handler certificate. It is often given to someone after they undergo a food safety training course. This is among the best methods for acquiring basic skills and knowledge. What are the components of food safety certification?

i) Carrying out measures for pest control

ii) Taking note of food poisoning and preserving customers from a harmful bacteria.

iii) Noting cross-contamination, food tolerance and food allergies.

iv) Cooking food items efficiently, preparing and storing with respect to equipment, environment and temperature.

v) Taking note of statutory obligations as far as food handling is concerned.

vi) Maintaining personal hygiene at a higher standard.

vii) Sanitising and efficiently cleaning utensils, equipment and surfaces. This helps one to promote the long-term health.

Who is food certification meant for?

Food certification is meant for food handlers, that’s all engaged in food business. In certain territory or province, getting a food safety certification can be a legal requirement.

The requirements for food safety certification exists in the municipal and provincial levels. If you are into general management, training management as an owner of a food business. You have to properly understand the food safety laws in your territory or province. This is to help your food business comply with municipal and provincial laws.

Certain provinces require you to have a minimum of one food safety certification. This includes the storage, packaging, serving, processing and preparation. The certification is also for the person that has the food. It is a wrong concept that food safety legislation is only for hospitality business.

Who are other people that food safety certification is meant for?

  • Bakeries, delis, butchers, groceries and supermarkets.
  • Convenience stores/gaming venues and casinos.
  • Conference centres and events
  • Catering business/cafes and hotels

Charities and organisations that serve or distribute food are under the same requirements. These are people who serve the elderly, sick and young children. Example of such places are breweries, canneries, school cafeterias, aged care facilities, childcare, hospices and hospitals.

Note that if you intend to serve beverages or food of any time, you will need Food Handlers to certify and train your workers.

  • Those going for work in the food industry may need a food certificate. When you train and certify them, it helps to safeguard your business.

Can you get food safety certification online?

You can get a food safety certification online. There are online safety courses for students that offer them various options to compile accordingly. Those who enroll for this course do not attend physical classes, since they study online. The examination is online and it does not involve travelling to the exam centre. It means one can work, while he studies online. Such courses include videos, presentations and other mechanisms.

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