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The importance of CRM for an effective management of the company

by Chandler Andrus

At the end of the 19th century and for most of the 20th century, companies were confident that, thanks to the quality of their products, customers would come directly to them. They were able to produce large quantities as they were certain that people relied exclusively on it over any other advantage. Those were the times when they were oriented towards production.

When they found themselves with large quantities of their product in stock, but the customer no longer went easily to their store to buy them, they had to hire a salesforce who would go out to place them. These were companies that were sales oriented.

In recent years, companies began to orient themselves towards the market, which not only demanded good products, but also another series of after-sales services. They realized that customers not only wanted a single type of product, but also different alternatives such as better customer service.

In order to have better control of these types of activities, they began to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. It is a software that allows companies and professionals to achieve maximum productivity in their commercial area, structuring the information and having it available.

This software keeps records of customers, call log, dates when they must be visited, the concerns they may have and how they had been solved previously, as well as information of new customers.

Although it can be installed on the companies’ network, there are currently different online options that can be handled with mobile devices, having previously installed its application on those devices.

Now, if you are a company, you may wonder why you should use a CRM system in your organization. The answer is that you are going to have a series of functionalities that will make its management as well as the relationship with customers much more effective.

A good CRM software will allow the company to have customer data with all the information that may be relevant, such as telephone numbers and contact persons for different functions and the company’s address, among others.

Another of its functionalities is that it allows companies to keep a history of what their relationship with the client has been: orders placed and delivered, offers presented, income management, budgets and billing.

Controlling customer interactions is another of the most important functions. It allows the companies to keep a record of meetings, emails, calls, marketing campaigns analysis and even internal company communication.

Finally, if it is provided with a record of the past, a CRM system will allow the company to make its future forecasts. In other words, if a customer has bought a certain amount of merchandise at a certain time of the year, this will allow foreseeing the actions to be taken with that same customer on future occasions.

As we can see, having a CRM software will bring benefits to the company such as controlling the information of the customer relationship, as well as keeping in mind everything related to the control of productivity and the sales funnel, among other features that will allow its correct operation.

Having a CRM can be very economical. There are even options that are free when they are for very specific use.

Using it will give companies levels of productivity that have never been experienced before. Hence the importance of companies having one for its effective management.

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