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The 20 Best Fonts To Use For Your Design

by Hana

Selecting the perfect fonts for your design is a process that requires time and dedication. But keep calm! We have brought you a list of 20 fonts that can help you make a difference in your graphic design service and create outstanding designs.

1. Nocturno stencil

Here is a stencil-style font that is a part of a larger typographic family referred to as Nocturno. Although there are several styles in this font family, the Nocturno stencil is the most unique in scale.

2. Object Sans

Available in 200 languages, this geometric sans serif font has seven weights and options for upright end slanted, suitable for a wide variety of graphic designs.

3. Mojita

Available in over 120 languages, here is a truly unique font inspired by Japanese aesthetics and Mayan. It blends excellently for intricate logo designs that want to be outstanding.

4. Ao Dai

Inspired by Vietnamese women’s national dress elegant, delicate, and strong, this font’s accents alongside the spacing between letters are unique.

5. Saint George’s

Here is an artistic rendition of a serif font featuring round terminals and prominent curves. It truly is a modern medieval font suitable for creating logos, social media quotes, etc.

6. Mandalika

With the unique ligatures present on this bold serif font, you are open to a new world of possibilities in your design.

7. Neo Afrique

Here is another unique style created with a blend of styles. It combines a neo-futuristic finishing with sans fonts and alternates.

8. Saonara

Inspired by fashionable font faces such as Didot, Saonara features thin and thick strokes that can make significant differences in your logo or large header designs.

9. News San

Like a simple sans font, this multitool typeface system features a collection of arrows, caps, icons, and circle numbers.

10. Untitled sans

Not only that this font looks terrific, but it is also legible and straightforward; the joy of every designer.

11. Trouble

Featuring smooth edges and thick strokes, here is an extremely versatile small-cap sans font suitable for both personal and commercial use.

12. New York

Are you looking for a classic yet modern? This new apple font is an option for you.

13. Helvetica Now

It is the brand new contemporary version of the traditional Helvetica family. Monotype foundry has been trying to develop this font for years, and there is a favorable reception by designers worldwide.

14. Cako

Are you looking for exciting curvature, lines, and alternates? Inspired by the European culture, featuring high contrasting strokes, the cako family answers all.

15. Ambiguity

This font features five distinct forms, with several weights and italics that blend seamlessly.

16. Extenda

With eleven extendable weights that blend perfectly for digital and prints, Extenda is very versatile.

17. HK Nova

Here is a delightful blend of Futura and Gothica. It looks great in any preferred size or project type.

18. Pelagia

Here is a contemporary font inspired by the classic serifs. With delicate and soft terminals, it is suitable for delicate titles, logos, and headers.

19. Popstick

Here is a fun infusion of pop art suitable for social media graphics, headers, and branding.

20. Hagrid

Named after a Harry Potter character, this gripping installment by zeta font describes itself as a cryptographic grotesque half breed.

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