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Startup: How Can Influencers Help You with Your Acquisition Strategy?

by Ken Obeid

The new uses of the web have transformed our consumption. The arrival of adblockers, the explosion of influencers, and the competition between startups and historical communication agencies are forcing online advertising players to reconsider their position. For startups, it is also a new opportunity to optimize their online acquisition with tools and new methods, but also to broaden their reachability, gain new customers and improve their brand image. 

We often hear that influence will become the pillar of e-commerce, is that true?  

The impact of influence on e-commerce is already real and evident, in the sense that many bloggers and influencers generally give their opinions on products, and this directly impacts the purchasing decisions of their communities. Marketing influence is an increasingly important growth lever for the budgets of agencies and brands, because its level of performance is particularly high since the view of an “influencer” has strong and credible reasoning with consumers. 

Collaborating with the digital press, bloggers, and influencers on social networks significantly help to accelerate e-commerce sales, as publication formats, such as articles or sponsored posts, are really appreciated and useful content for users. This is regarded as useful information because it holds a specific business purpose that is well identified and accepted by consumers. 

How will online advertising evolve?  

Traditional formats such as Display will disappear in favor of more «natural» and «useful» formats such as video, native ads (including sponsored articles). Consumers are less and less accepting of intrusive advertising, but are appreciative of advertisements related to their expectations, in a “useful” format such as sponsored articles, which provide useful information.  

The video will continue to develop, especially with micro-videos, in order to better adapt to the growing usage of consumers. 

Display advertising still produces satisfactory performance, even if it is less important than it was in the past. The growth lever can still work on many aspects, with a paid format such as CPL or CPM. With Adblockers being more used than ever, it is more difficult to reach all users of a community/ site, but the affected part remains sensitive to Display advertising if the formats are attractive and well designed. 

For startups, can influencer marketing be an acquisition lever?  

This is clearly an excellent traffic acquisition, notoriety, and SEO lever. Collaborating with media outlets/ bloggers, and influencers promotes an increase in reachability that startups need. It generates targeted traffic since it reaches communities related to its activity, and this is positive for Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs) since you indirectly obtain quality links that promote better google search results. 

Moreover, this form of growth lever is economical, and more profitable than most other levers, because the devices put in place, such as the production of sponsored articles, are accessible for all budgets. It is even possible to collaborate with influencers by offering them a product test. 

What is the role of start-ups in all of this?  

Start-ups provide advice while connecting platforms are tools. It’s complementary. Start-ups need tools to identify useful media/ blogs/ influencers, order campaign articles or sponsored posts. This saves time, as do live brands, with a marketing department that wants to put influencers to good use. 

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