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Reasons Your Ecommerce Website Is Slow

by Stan Minh

There are a number of reasons websites generally might be slow. An eCommerce website is not exempted, and it may require more attention when you realize it’s slow. By been slow, we mean it takes more time to get things done on the website.

There are several reasons an eCommerce website should not be slow at all. Chiefly because it’s a platform where people make transactions, and no one will come back if they perceive they may be losing their money or transactions are being delayed. Here are a few reasons why e-commerce websites may be slow and what to do to Jack up the speed.

The Content Management System

The content management system talks about the platform used to manage the content on the website. There are a number of content management systems. Some are general, while some are specifically made e-commerce business. If you use the general one, you may experience slow speed. Not updating the content management system may also make the e-commerce website to be slow.

Your Web Host Matters

It’s quite important that you partner with a good web host service provider so as to avoid slow and interrupted service. I once registered a domain with a web host company; it was terribly slow. I had to transfer the domain at a point. So you may need to check your web host effectiveness as well.

Broken Links Impact

The impact of broken links doesn’t only make your website slow, and it also hinders your customer from using your service. They are webpages that are unavailable because their link has been altered or broken. It is advisable you get a broken link checker to help you notice and take them off.

Browser Cache

Browser cache is important to fasten the load speed of static pages or media materials. The browser will automatically save those static files so that it is not loading afresh when accessing your website. This will, of course, help to reduce the loading time for your e-commerce website. So, empower your e-commerce website with this.

Image Dimension

It’s surprising that a simple step such as putting the height and breadth of the uploaded images can result to slow speed of the e-commerce website. Ensure that this becomes part of you to avoid making your e-commerce website slot.

Put Mobile Users In Mind

It is possible to have a good speed on a desktop and have a very bad speed on mobile devices. You do need to optimize mobile devices to ensure the good experience cut across. You need to make the website responsive to automatically switch to mobile when people access it on mobile devices.

Compress Your Images

We all know that an e-commerce website cannot do without having pictures. The issue really is making use of big pictures. Big pictures will require a longer time to open, thereby making your e-commerce website to load slowly. The advice is that you compress the images before uploading them. Ensure they are in the appropriate format as well.

If you already have terrible speed, you need to carefully examine and solve the problem with any of these tips. Please note that these are not the only ways to cater to a slow e-commerce website. They are most likely the reason for a slow e-commerce website, and all of these can be handled if you hired a good digital marketing agency.

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