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Publication Graphic Design. How does it affect our community?

by Vsevolod Stepanov

Publication graphic design or just “publication design” is another pivotal area of graphic design and it is been relevant for a long time until today.

It is simply the practice of layout and graphic design for printing in general. People who practice publication design have a broad knowledge of publications for books, comics, newspapers, posters, magazines, photography catalogues, biographies and more.

Of course, the different types of publication design are being done by different specialists but a graphic designer is in the core of the team.

Think of publication graphic design to be as important as advertising and promotions, because it is part of the exposure of both products and services.

When it comes to styles, colours, typing, letters, sizes and shapes, the graphic designers should have a creative eye for the project and put out something has never been seen before.

Originality and creativity play a huge role in publication graphic design, there are tens of thousands of magazines, newspapers, and millions of books coming out every week. It is a process that cannot be stopped and it will only go further in development as time goes by.

By mentioning this we mean that publication graphic designers should be people who love to risk it all to create designs that are going to be the next norm. Like Time magazine, for example, they have brilliant simple designs and stick on historical events.

Hundreds of other magazines are following the steps of such big magazine companies because they are the real trendsetters in the industry.

It is likewise with comics, companies like DC and Marvel have a wide professional team of publication designers just to make sure that they are always putting the best content, graphics and drawings biweekly.

Publication graphic design is sometimes neglected and people forget how impactful it is on our society. If there we no publication graphic designers we would not have the same experience with buying new books, comics, even music CDs. Everything about it is the final element of putting a finished work before going to the customer.

What matters is the final experience and generation more sales – this, as you can guess, means commercial success.

Publication design is developing nowadays, that now we are able to experience graphic novels, e-books, e-magazines and e-comics.

The whole e-publishing model is creating a new way to get to our favourite headlines in the glimpse of an eye.  We love it.

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