Home Business On Demand Printing and Dropshipping of T-Shirts: a Complete Tutorial Part 1

On Demand Printing and Dropshipping of T-Shirts: a Complete Tutorial Part 1

by Korain Go

What is “On demand printing” ? 

On demand printing is a process that consists of selling customized products that will be printed by a provider, who will also take charge of directly delivering the product to your clients.  

Thus, as an e-merchant, you will focus on traffic acquisition and design trends. While leaving the printing and shipping process to a specialized third-party company.  

And while this type of e-commerce is pretty fashionable, not everyone can easily get into the business and establish his or her own brand. There are many rules that you need to follow. This will also require a lot of effort and dedication. It is an activity that requires a full-time commitment, especially when it comes to technical aspects of online commerce such as investing in advertising and other communication mediums.  

Through this complete guide, we will be listing everything you need to know about on demand printing of T-shirts: from design to sale, including the online distribution of textile products and the automation of your process. 

What you need to know before you start  

It is important to understand the overall on demand printing process and to familiarize yourself with the appropriate vocabulary.  

First of all, you will have to create designs (mock-ups) of T shirts. Then, you will have to put them online. For this, there are several CMS (Content Management System) that can be very helpful to you. You could also sell your creative designs on specialized websites. 

However, do not expect sales to magically start increasing on their own! You will need to contact a targeted audience to make your brand known and sell your designs. In particular, you will have to work on the visual aspect of your website, content, texts and provide excellent customer service to your clients by answering all their questions. 

Finally, you must be able to count on a serious partner who will print your orders. He or she must be carefully chosen since the on demand printing process is the cornerstone of your business. For example, if the product your customers ordered is late in delivery or if it’s the wrong item, your customers will be dissatisfied with your service and are likely to choose another e-merchant.  

This is why, in a three parts article, we will be providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to create your online on demand printing business. 

Make attractive models/ Designs  

This is a very important point in your path to success. The designs you propose must be unique and appeal to your audience. To do this, you must segment your offer according to the audiences you are targeting. For example, an athlete will not be as sensitive to the same design as an automobile enthusiast.  

The personas  

This is a very important step that you need to carefully plan before launching your online store. As such, we advise you to use a well-known method in web marketing: personas. A persona is a fictional person who groups the characteristics of a target group of customers. 

For each of your targets, you will imagine the customers’ journey before they arrived on your site as well as how the product will fulfill their needs and what problems will they encounter. Therefore, you will be able to offer them designs that are in line with their values and the messages they want to convey. 

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