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Monetizing your designs and inspiration: print on Demand

by Hana

Artists and creative minded individuals constantly face the battle of converting their ideas or drawing bigger problems when you decide to make earnings by placing your ideas on items like clothes and mugs to mention a few for people to buy. But with the advancements in the world in recent years, creative minds and artists can easily convert their ideas through different ways. One of such ways is through Print on Demand. The question you should be asking yourself is what Print on Demand is and what it entails.

What is Print on Demand?
There are different definitions to give Print on Demand but everything ends up mean the technological process where books or any other custom products (i.e. mugs, Tees, etc.) are printed only when orders are placed. In other words, it occurs when you put in place an agreement with a production company to make use of your ideas to create custom products once an order is placed. With this, there is no need to be scared of tying down capital by keeping inventories.

Advantage and disadvantage of print on demand

With a wide range of options to put out your designs, below are the advantages and disadvantages of picking print on demand over all other options available


  • The first advantage of POD is that you get the opportunity of selling and monetizing your ideas and design easily to people who are interested in it.
  • Your custom products are quickly and easily produced since you already have a company who is in charge of production once the order is made.
  • With POD, you get to go into business with little investment and face lower risk of making a loss since you have no reason to pre-manufacture your product. You are only required to pay the company in charge of your product when an order is made and not before it is made.
  • You have no need to concern yourself with any of the after sales services like shipping when you choose to use the print on demand option of selling your product


  • The cost of shipping at times might be so expensive that interested customers might be put off this is why it is important to take note of the shipping price offered by the company in charge of your custom product.
  • The mock up generator used in creating your product might look like the other products that look like yours. This is why it is advisable to place the first order to make sure that your actual idea is what is captured and printed by the company.
  • With POD, your returns would definitely be low except your customer base increases quickly. You might not see much profit after every fee of the POD Company is deducted.
  • To compete with other designers, it is highly necessary to have a high level of designing skill. This might be an issue for one who has only the basic knowledge of computer designing.

Top Print on Demand Company
There are several companies or sites that are into Print on Design, below are some of the top companies in the POD games are;
• Printful
• Teespring
• Custom cat
• Printify

Factors to consider when choosing a POD company
• The shipping rate of the company
• The company’s printing options
• What items/product the company is recognized 
• The company’s product catalog overview
• The unique features offered by the company that makes them different from others

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