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Marketing tips for print on demand merchandise

by Hana

Facebook advertising is a must when you are launching an e-commerce business.

With more than 2 billion active users on the platform, Facebook offers one of the largest audience you can promote your online shop.

  1. Start organic

Sharing incredible organic content on Facebook is something that can be done by anyone.  Of course, organic reach is limited but you can still promote to your “core” fans because it takes just knowledge of how to post original and engaging content.

No money is involved here but there are many cons of doing it only “organic”. Organic reach and posting for free should be just an additional part of your whole Facebook marketing campaign.

Tricks you can do is adding hashtags to your posts, links to your actual website, short videos, and slogans that are fun and engaging more people. Do not forget about adding original media, too.

  • Using Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop is another free tool for your brand page you can use and benefit from because it is great to deliver detailed information about your print on demand products and point customers to your online shop.

  • Retargeting

Retargeting comes in to help when the first efforts of your campaign are not showing the wanted results. When you set your custom audience you can retarget them later and change their attitude towards purchase.

Here is some pivotal information:

  • Retargeting help you to return clients to  more than 25%
  • 65% to 70% increase in conversions when people are retargeted
  • CTRs of retargeted ads are ten times higher than normally placed ads

Retargeting is important for conversions so learning how to it properly in your Facebook marketing campaign will show its bonuses and perks soon.

  • Think of seasonal advertising

When you are properly placing your Facebook ads and provide accurate data about discounts, bonuses in seasons like Christmas, Spring, Halloween, and Summer sales you can reap some of the best conversions ever.

Combining the power of Facebook with your landing page is what you have to figure out.

Always show accurate information, update on discounts, and send e-mails with links to Facebook, your online shop, and contacts. By doing this you can be sure that the percentage of your conversions and overall sales will only get higher and higher.

Look at Facebook as a goldmine

Promoting your print on demand products and content on social media has hundreds of benefits. Facebook is the strongest of them all when it comes to visibility, a wider audience, and opportunities for paid ads.

Follow all changes in the algorithm and turn more potential clients into existing ones.

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