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How to get a food safety certification

by Hana

How do you get a food safety certification? A food safety certification helps to encourage your customers. This post tells you how to get a food safety certification. Getting a food safety certification involves certain stages.

There are various organisations that offer quality management, environmental health and food safety. A well-managed and robust food chain is relevant for all consumers and is essential to economic and social stability. It makes the concept of food safety critical, requiring effective management of the entire food chain. Food-borne illness have catastrophic consequences to health services and consumers, including firms in the supply chain and retailers. This is by damaging the reputation, product recall and cost. With food safety, the global food chain has a reasonable impact on the health and safety of workers, environmental impact and working needs. Certain firms offer support services to this sector and helps firms to get the best practices.

Global Food Safety Initiative

It is an initiative that works with the Consumer Goods Forum, through co√∂rdination.

Audit stage

This involves document review, and it is made up of review of the management system. This include team activity, operational prerequisite requirements etc. You will have to show details to your auditor to review them and add them to your audit report.

The stage one visit can consist of various days that depends on how programs and products are complex. It is not a division of time between the first stage and the second stage. The auditor goes on with caution after taking a corrective action. He can handle another stage after he address the list of issues in the audit.

Assessment stage

This is the stage for assessing your food safety system. The audit engages in testing your system. Auditions can directly work and verify the best practices are used in each step of the chain of production. You may tell your auditors not to review employee training and other procedures. Then the auditor checks your facility inside and out to see that they comply with requirements and standards. After this the auditor gives you a report on valuable observations, non conformances, risks and good practice. Your auditor may tell you to register with corrective action according to what you are fond of. The first audit will let you verify how effective the scope is based on the activity you are operating with. However if you are a registered client of FSSC and the auditor team finds out that your firm does not meet up with the requirements for certification of the entire scope, the scope will be cut and the parts that fail the requirement will be excluded. You will receive information in writing , in three days from the last day of audit and any other decision will get confirmed. Information is spread out with various types of communication like product labelling and advertising where it is applicable. If you are applying for scope extension, you can analyse this independently according to the review and risk.

Ongoing surveillance

Next your certification will undergo recertification and ongoing surveillance that will need more site activity. Note that you can decide to take both surveillance without announcing both recertification and initial ones are announced.

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