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How to Create a Logo for Your Start-Up?

by Adam

In this article, we propose to discuss the different stages of the creation of a logo for your start-up/company. 

To be easily identifiable and credible, a company must have a strong visual identity. It is one of the most «fun» parts to do when you are an entrepreneur: the implementation of the design and the graphic charter. This step is often discussed before the business plan. But it is still required that this identity is relevant and allows the start-up to polish its brand image. Here are our tips for creating a cool logo.  

Create a simple logo  

McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, Uber… all of these companies opted for simple logos. Other historical companies have also chosen to simplify their logo.  

The goal of a logo is not to be beautiful but rather to be easily identifiable and to mark the minds of customers, like the Nike comma or the Apple crunch.  

It should also be noted that behind a logo often hides a meaning. Thus, the crunched apple can be translated into «bytes», an obvious link with bytes and computers.  

Create a logo that represents you and holds a meaning  

The logo is a powerful tool as it can quickly permeate people’s minds. Studies have shown that people recognize and remember images faster than text. However, we must not be limited by the logo but rather think about the brand identity as a whole. You must represent the identity of your company through your logo. A very good example is the Toyota logo: the addition of the ovals expresses the infinite value of the company and the logo can be used to write Toyota in all letters. 

A logo capable of evolution  

If your start-up is already a few years old and you are about to enter a new phase of its development, you can take the opportunity to change your logo or visual identity. Some people are offended by this type of change, yet logos and visual identities must evolve with the company.  

Airbnb, for example, changed its logo after a few years, when its business was already well developed and the company could no longer be considered a small startup. As such, they opted for a growing/infinite mix and a salmon color.  

Do you have to create your logo on your own 

Many companies choose to make their first logo in-house to minimize costs. It costs an average of 500 dollars to create a logo, but the price may vary depending on the experience of the graphic designer, his reputation, or his geographical location. A price that may seem high but you have to keep in mind the impact of this graphic element on your brand identity, your communication, and the credibility of your company.  

Nonetheless, it is possible to create a logo for free thanks to DTP tools or online tools. However, if you are not comfortable with these tools or if your artistic abilities are not that advanced, we advise you to call on a graphic designer. 

Online tools to create your logo  


Logaster is an online branding tool that will allow you to create your brand identity from A to Z. Thanks to AI implementation in creative technology, this tool helps you create the style of your business and get complete branding designs with your logo but also business cards or letterheads. 

Hipster Logo Generator  

Hipster Logo Generator is a handy tool that allows you to create a logo in Hipster style. If you open a restaurant, a barbershop or a bar, you will find on this site all the elements to generate a logo that corresponds to your activity.  


Canva allows you to create an online logo from a bank of more than 300 templates to customize. This will allow you to change the color, font, or icon and create a complete brand identity.  

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