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How to automatically set wallpapers on Reddit

by Gisa Riese

Customisation is necessary in this digital age. You have to customise your PC or your mobile device’s homescreen. One thing associated with customisation is wallpaper. 

Reddit app is one application suitable for setting wallpaper backgrounds on your device or smartphone. This post tells you how to automatically set wallpapers on Reddit App. Once you do this, there  is an automatic change of the wallpapers. Nevertheless you can download a particular wallpaper sticking with it.

Setting the wallpapers on Windows

You can use the Reddit Wallpaper Changer, a tool for changing the background of wallpapers. Download an updated version of the Rawns 

Setting it up

When you download this file, it is a ZIP file that has the Reddit Wallpaper Changer. exe file. It is a tool that does not need any installation. Double tap on the application to get it running. A warning will display from the ‘Windows  Smart screen’ talking about an untrusted publisher. Click on ‘Run anyway’ and ‘more info’. This will get the application up and running inside the background. Open the ‘right-click’ and ‘system tray’ on the icon of the application and move to settings. Inside the settings, change those wallpaper source. This is from a subreddit to another one. ‘Set the duration’ that can change the wallpaper. If you wish to include more subreddit, add one ‘+’ sign before the subreddit name. Add a subreddit and then you can grab images with them. Customise them to grab images from particular categories like Hot, Top Today or keep it random. You can use ‘advanced search query’ to find the wallpaper that you wish. When you finish with this, tap on save.

Add favorites and track the history

This application has a history of applied wallpapers with which you can get what you prefer and add them to ‘favorite’. Add a blacklist to prevent setting certain wallpapers as background within the cycle.

Apart from that, you can also save your wallpapers to use them offline. Right-click on the system tray icon of the application to save the wallpaper. You now save the wallpaper inside a subfolder of the location of an application. This is how to set wallpapers as a background on PC from subreddits which you consider favorite.

Setting up on android

If you are fond of live wallpapers, you may have heard of the Muzei Live Wallpaper app. It has an API for making plugins. You can set it up by refreshing the background. Install the original Muzei Line Wallpaper. Download a Muzei App with the plugin. Go to the Muzei app and open the Live Wallpaper. This activates the wallpaper making it go live. Tap on ‘settings’ and this will give you all the sources for the wallpapers. Slide it ‘Pics for Reddit’ and then tap to activate your plugin.

After this the plugin  is ready to function. You can refresh interval and change subreddits when you press the settings button under the name of the plugin. You can change the dim and blur factor in ‘Advanced tab’ at the top. Once you are through tap on the tick on to save. You can see your wallpaper in full view. Tap the wallpaper twice on the home screen. It has a plugin that can tell you about each new wallpaper set in form of a background. There is a slight battery drain with this. It goes live now.

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