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Creating a Linkedin Marketing Plan

by Adam

LinkedIn was launched in May 2003. It is a social media platform designed to enable career and business professionals to connect with themselves. Apart from using LinkedIn for connecting and hiring top talents, connecting job seekers with employers, it is also used for marketing by a digital marketing agency to establish a connection between a company and its target market. The major advantage of LinkedIn is that it is frequently visited by key decision-makers, senior-level influencers, top-level executives, and thought leaders.

LinkedIn marketing generates quality leads, expands the audience, increases website traffic, builds brand awareness and credibility as well as fosters long-term professional relationships using the LinkedIn platform. For a business to be successful, it requires robust LinkedIn marketing. It is very pertinent for every business to create an effective LinkedIn marketing plan which will grow the business if executed very well. Creating a LinkedIn marketing plan includes the following;

Set and define your goals: It is crucial that one outline the goals at the beginning of LinkedIn marketing. Also, define the final objectives, which will determine the type of content to publish and the approach to apply. The goals can be generating quality leads, selling products or services, engaging with a target audience, strengthening brand reputation, and building brand awareness.

Specify your target audience or market and understand them: This is an important LinkedIn marketing plan after defining goals. The target audience or market can be specified based on job title, industry, and geographic location. It is vital to deeply understand your target audience, who they are, and what they like, the type of content they will prefer so that their needs will be catered for. For instance, if your goal is to sell a product such as an ebook on organizational management, then your target audience will consist of top managers, human resource personnel, and leaders.

Create a captivating LinkedIn page: LinkedIn page is the first contact the target audience will have with your company. Having a LinkedIn page helps your target audience learn everything about your business, including information about your employees, business location, products, and services. The LinkedIn page should also contain the company’s website URL, logo, cover image, social media profile links, and contact details in order to reinforce credibility.

Optimize the LinkedIn page for search: This helps increase visibility in search results both off and on LinkedIn. It allows people to easily get information and learn about your business using search engines and LinkedIn platform as well.

Create and publish relevant posts with quality and rich content: Relevant posts with videos and photos will attract more comments. Video posts get more engagement on LinkedIn than any type of content.

Post at the right time: Post quality content regularly to build, engage, and retain your audience on LinkedIn. Posting twice a month gets followers six times faster than those that don’t post. Posting content that educates the audience at least once every day gets the most attractions.

Use LinkedIn Live video: This is the most engaging format for Linkedin marketing. It provides an instant connection with the audience.

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