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All You Need to Know about Graphic Designers

by Ruri Chip

Have you ever wondered regarding the activities inside graphic design agencies? If that’s the case, then you’re in luck! Because here, we will talk all about the basics of graphic designers’ jobs, starting from understanding what graphic design is, qualities needed for graphic design, and the perks of using them.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the concept of delivering a message, idea, or concept in the form of a visual or a text. It means that everything related to visual, such as illustrations, doodles, catalogues, banners, typography, are parts of graphic design. And those things are not even half of the things that are included in the category of graphic design!

Since the concept of graphic design is largely related to the world of art, graphic designers are demanded to be creative and able to analyze what the client wants to convey through their order. Graphic designers should also excel at color combining and psychology.

Qualities every graphic designer should have

Since graphic designers are demanded to perfectly retell the brand or business’ vision and mission, there are certain qualities graphic designers should possess. Some of the qualities are:


The most important quality every graphic designer needs is creativity. After all, graphic designers’ jobs are mostly related to creating illustrations, arts, logos, aesthetic layout, and many more. There would also be situations where the client would demand something unique out of the designers, therefore making us think extra harder than before. When this happens, extra creativity and hard work are necessary.

Good analytical skill

Clients hire graphic designers for one purpose, and that is to ensure that their brand’s voice can be clearly conveyed through the design. Hence, graphic designers are demanded to have excellent analytical skill where they can convey what the client wants, and probably even better.

Time management

Deadline is a nightmare for everybody, and the same goes for graphic designers. Of course, unless the graphic designer has an excellent time management skill where the person can make sure to meet the deadlines on time.

The three qualities above are not the only qualities demanded from graphic designers. However, these are the basic skills needed for every graphic designer. At least, the traits above will help aspiring graphic designers to get noticed by the agencies you would like to apply later on in the future.

Perks of using graphic design agencies

Graphic design seems like something complicated not without reason. It takes professional analysis, serious research, and extra hard work to create the perfect result for the clients.

Nevertheless, the result is worth every hour and extra money spent. After all, the agencies are professionals who are experts on their field. It is not easy to create what every graphic design agency has created unless you have been trained.

So, if you are interested in creating the perfect advertisement, logo, website, or anything related to design, do not hesitate to contact the nearest agency around the area!

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