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9 Errors You Probably Make with Your on Demand Printing Website and How to Fix Them

by Grace Rouse

On demand printing is an opportunity for all e-merchants  

On demand printing platforms allow entrepreneurs to easily open their own stores and sell custom textiles and items as well as a variety of other products by offering their own designs. But there is still a lot of work to be done in the management of this type of business. As some e-merchants and entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the energy and skills required for the development and growth of their business. They also tend to make other mistakes along the way. 

If you are trying to start or develop an on demand printing activity, here are nine of the most common mistakes and some tips that you can use to fix them.  

Creating a website and hoping for immediate success  

Many people try to start an on demand printing activity because they think it will be easy. Nonetheless, it takes a lot of time to start getting sales.  

It seems that only 1 out of 10 entrepreneurs are successful. So if you have a full-time job, you will probably have to spend all your free time managing your site and marketing your products.  

Selling (too) generic models  

There are already many websites offering t-shirts and other on demand printed products, therefore customers can already find many basic models at many virtual stores. To ensure the success of your store, find a specific niche and focus your efforts on it. Use tools like Google Trends to identify trends you might include in your designs/Template. 

Trying to compete with Amazon Prime delivery times  

On demand printed products take a little longer to ship than ready-to-use products from big sellers like Amazon. So don’t try to mislead your customers with false promises on fast shipping, rather focus on communicating your brand values or creating unique designs that people are willing to buy. 

Doing everything by yourself  

Managing an on demand printing shop requires you to design products and then sell them!  

Normally, an entrepreneur may not be both an excellent designer and marketing expert. If one of these areas is your weakness, simply associate yourself with experts. 

The details of your offer and the general conditions of sale/returns  

Customers want to know exactly what they will receive before they buy. They also want to know how long the whole process will take and what will happen if they are not satisfied. Take the time to describe each step of the sales process on your website.  

Customers carefully read about shipping charges, returns, privacy policies, and other important disclaimers. All this information helps them assess whether they should trust your website.  

Selling too many variants  

The customer mainly buys your visual or design, not support. As such, believing that it is necessary to offer X variants of supports (t-shirt, bags, cushions, etc.) and in multiple colors is an error.  

Only focusing on t-shirts 

Entrepreneurs often forget that there are many other products on which they can put their creations: hoodies, phone cases, cups, pillowcases, etc. Since you don’t need to buy inventory or keep stock, there is nothing to worry about when introducing new products. 

Investing in advertising before your shop is ready  

Advertising is a great way to attract new customers to your site. However, it is highly recommended to not invest in it until you have finalized your website and in particular the contact form, the terms, and conditions, the return conditions, the prices, etc.  

Additionally, you need to check and test your website to be sure that customers do not encounter any problems or bugs. 

You don’t collect customer feedback  

Product reviews help new customers become familiar with your products and earn your customers’ trust in your brand. If you don’t ask former customers to rate their purchases, you may miss a lot of sales in the coming months. Just a quick note or link to your comment section on your order page or in a follow-up email could give your sales a big boost.

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