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7 Components of Profile Design every Company Should Have

by Karol Kuzmin

Company profile is a necessity that should be crafted with deep care and research. It is an element of the company that summarizes everything of the company. Hence, it should be prepared with maximum effort.

Although each graphic design service offers a variety of company profile design, they should have certain elements that must be included in their service. Below are some of the said elements.

1. Cover

There are different kinds of cover style. The style depends on the ambience the company would like to show to the readers. No matter how the style will be, one thing is clear: the cover should be able to mesmerize the reader.

The cover should also include the company’s logo and tagline to bring awareness to its readers.

2. Narrative

Although the components of the company profile presented here are not in order, the same cannot be applied to the real profile. The company profile should have every section flow smoothly, where they complement each other. There should be a hidden story on the company profile.

3. Vision and Mission

The cover might be able to convey the company’s vision and mission, but it should also be explicitly stated on the company profile. Stating the vision and mission will help readers to understand the company even more than before.

The vision and mission don’t have to be long as long as they are able to convey the message clearly. The designer can also create an image that can represent both aspects.

4. Directors

Giving the profile of the directors is a necessity in every company profile. Their stories can give more insight to the company, and it boosts the credibility of the company.

5. Employees

Showing the employees also gives strong credibility to the company. Doing so will give an insight on how the company works and show the faces of the employees. There is no need to write long paragraphs for this section. All you need is a short introductory paragraph and pictures of the employees working .

6. Portfolio

Once everything has been shown, it’s time to show off the company’s portfolio. The portfolio should be placed somewhere in the middle or last. Placing the portfolio in the beginning will result in the readers putting down the profile before reading all of its sections. After all, the portfolio is the main purpose why most people read the profile.

If there are awards or other achievements, make sure they are included in the portfolio’s description.

7. Contact

Believe it or not, but contact is extremely essential for the profile. Contact is the bridge between the company and the audience, as it can help potential clients to contact you. Hence, it’s important to always put the contact.

The essential parts of a contact is the company’s address, telephone number, email address, website. Fax is not necessary, but it certainly is a good addition.

The components mentioned above might not be a lot, but they are enough to create a story that can show off your company.

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