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5 Reason Why Printed Invitation Card Is Important!

by Ken Obeid

Is printed wedding invitation card important? How about making it digital? Although technology is changing our lives and the ways we deal with our daily lives, printed wedding invitation card will always own its place and roles to play in a wedding. Yeah, some people may make it in a digital form, but the printed ones cannot be replaced. To find out more about why printed invitation cards are so important, here’s the reason why!

1. A Printed Wedding Invitation Card Gives a Formal Impression

The first thing that makes a printed invitation card an important element in a wedding because it gives a formal impression. It’s like the recipient officially or formally invited to come and celebrate the wedding. By using it, the recipient can see that you do your best to seriously prepare your wedding and expecting the recipient to come to the event. One more thing, by sending the printed ones, it makes that the recipient personally and privately invited. As a result, usually with all their efforts, people tend to do their best to manage their time for attending weddings.

2. Not Everyone Can Access It Easily

Be careful when you think that everyone is tech-savvy! You cannot make sure that all of the people who receive digital invitations can access and see it, especially if you invite older ones like your grandmother and grandfather. Are you sure that your grandma has an email address or a Facebook account? Because of that, a printed wedding invitation card is still one of the most important elements that can’t be missing at a wedding!

3. Limit the Number of Guests. 

Setting the number of guests is essential for a wedding. Order the catering portion, find the perfect venue, rent the chair, just a few things that will be determined by the number of guests. So, setting it will be absolutely important for the preparation. But since the digital invitation tend to be easier to imitate or share with others. There is a possibility that it can be sent or forwarded to another person, and that can be a potential reason that able to change the number of guests. That’s why a printed invitation card is needed to avoid that thing happen!

4. Secure the Event

As previously mentioned, that the digital invitation can be easily shared and imitate. We never know if it can be forwarded to another person who you don’t even know. The worst part, you definitely wouldn’t share and celebrate your moments with someone you didn’t even invite, right? Therefore, using printed invitation cards can help you secure your wedding event from unwanted guests.

5. The Printed Invitation Card Can be Framed

Since the printed invitation has its own physical form, you can keep and frame it as a memory of your wedding. But not only for you, sometimes your parents, future in-laws, or maybe your grandparents and family members will also do the same to keep and framed it.

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