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4 Tips to Boost the Sales of Your on Demand Printed T-Shirts

by Hana

As bloggers, influencers, site publishers, or content creators, you have no doubt heard about the growth of the on demand printing market. Thus, without being a printer and without heavy investments, you can completely design your own visuals and market them on many t shirts! However, in order to maximize your margin, you need to select a trusted printer and automate the entire process.  

Nevertheless, just because you have an idea or a concept of original designs doesn’t mean you’ll be successful! Starting your online business is more difficult than you can imagine. 

There is a lot of competition and you will have to differentiate yourself to make sales! First, you must ensure that you have a high-quality product. Your t-shirt designs can not only be nice, they must be amazing.  

But how do we create extraordinary visuals that will generate sales?  

1. Segment your target  

You are an artist, but you are going to run a business! You, therefore, need to think like an entrepreneur.  

Your first idea will probably be to create t-shirts that appeal to the widest audience. This is unfortunately a very common mistake. Things that are supposed to please everyone don’t generally please anyone.  

That’s why it’s important to clearly define your target audience. What is their gender, age, and interests/hobbies/passions? What kind of person would buy your T-shirt? How to reach them? Knowing all these things is key to your success and will allow you to boost your sales. 

2. Explore each T-shirt concept in detail  

Creating t-shirts that sell well is not easy. You might be tempted to quickly scribble patterns, put them on your website and wait for sales, sitting quietly behind your computer screen! This is not at all the right way to approach things, especially if you want to make your online store a real long-term business.  

Start with imagining many concepts of t-shirts and write them all down. Then, read the list again by imagining the reaction of your typical customer. Remember, you’re not creating t-shirts for yourself, you’re creating t-shirts for your customers, and so you always have to ask yourself, “Would my ideal customer like that?” This is the right approach and way of thinking. 

Then, once you have found some interesting concepts, start sketching them out. Don’t think too much about the first drafts. Once it’s done, take a break, or better yet, sleep on it! The night carries tips.  

Then come back to your sketches with a fresh look, and try to refine them. Are the colors correct? What should be added and deleted? Is there a way to improve your concept? Don’t be shy about it and take a critical look, it’s very important. You really have to create the best t-shirt designs you can, and that’s art! 

3. Collect feedback on your t-shirt concepts  

You may guess what your customers want, however, there will always be a doubt. To be sure, you have to consult your customers and ask them what they think. You need to validate your concepts before you start selling t-shirts.  

So go where your customers hang out, show them your T-shirt concepts and ask them what they think. Which one do they like the most? Which one do they like the least? Why? Listen to their comments. Only sell t-shirts that have received the approval of your customers. 

4. Follow the latest trends  

T-shirts are often impulse purchases. This means they need to attract attention and be relevant to the news. The easiest way to do this is to follow a trend.  

What is popular among your customers right now? For example, if you’re targeting young people, TV shows that are currently being broadcast are a good solution, as are artists and music groups.  

Keep in mind that trends fade quickly, and if you are late to implement a trend, you will waste your energy and resources. So, once you’ve identified a trend, act quickly, and draw some patterns as quickly as possible.

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