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4 Reasons Why You Need to Bring Name Cards at an Important Event

by Sofie Muller

Name cards are essential for businesses and professionals. This is one of the must-have items that cannot be missing to bring, especially when attending important events. Why? Is that really matter? Yes, it is! Here are some reasons why!  

1. Enlarge Network 

The first point why name cards should be brought at an important event because the card can help you to enlarge your networking. By exchanging the cards, you are like formally introducing yourself or your business to someone else. People can easily get to know you or your business professionally by looking at the cards. Plus, by giving the cards to others, it will help them to reach you once they have some businesses or projects to offer you and vice versa. So, that is why you cannot forget to bring it to special occasions.  

Note: Please, do not give your cards to everyone especially if you haven’t spoken to them before. 

2. Get More Projects or Businesses 

How do you increase your chances of having a new project or business? One of the answers is to show more people what you have worked on or what projects you have handled. By giving others name cards, you give others direct access to see your work or last performance. As a result, the more people know your performance, the more likely a project or business you will land on. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, do you? Therefore, you must always prepare a business card when attending a meeting.  

3. Show Your Professionalism 

Name cards can give you or your business a professional image. This is crucial because professionalism can show that you or your business are more prepared and serious. As a result, people are more likely to trust you or your business. In another way, not taking name cards when attending important events and meeting new people imparts that you only have a little preparation for that. But to show professionalism, you need an attractive business card. How to get it? Make sure that the design represents and shows that you or your business are professional. Then, print the design in a printing service such as express name card printing to get appealing name cards with high-quality printing and affordable price! 

4. Culture 

In some countries, a name card is a culture and treated with respect. In India, people even exchange their cards in non-business situations. In Japan, name cards play an important role as a way of formally introducing someone. Also, business or project cannot begin until the name cards are exchanged. So, if you have an opportunity to attend an important meeting with lots of people from different countries, then you have no reason not to bring your business card.  

Note: There are different ways of treated name cards in some cultures. For instances, in Japanese culture, people will bow their body while giving the card with their right hand. And the recipient will accept it with both hands. So, if you want to make a good impression, find out some name cards etiquette in different cultures. That will give you a benefit and a good impression! 

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