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3 Benefits Why Making Social Distancing Floor Sticker Is a Great Idea!

by Hana

Right now, we have to face the fact that COVID-19 affects a lot of areas in our life. Therefore, the “new normal” comes as a part of our daily life with various kinds of health protocols that we need to follow. One of the health protocols that we need to do is social distancing. It means that people have to control the distance between themself to the other. Some resources claim that we need 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) to keep our distance from others to minimize the spread of the virus.  

Since the new normal is implemented in almost all countries, all public places must implemented the rules as well. So, in many places, there are lots of social distancing stickers that stick on the floor, as a part of the new normal implementation. You can find it in markets, banks, restaurants, and in many other public places. If you are curious about the benefits of using a social distancing floor sticker, you can get the answer by continuing to read this article!

1. Keep Running Your Business

If you own a business, the social distancing sticker is a must for you! As mentioned earlier, public places should follow the regulation regarding health protocols, including when they run a business. So, by affixing the sticker on the floor, you can also keep running your business but at the same time, you also implemented health protocols to protect both of your costumers and workers. By implementing these protocols, you can also prevent the transmission of viruses that can be caused by costumers or workers.

2. Control The Distance Easily

It will be hard if someone should remind everyone to keep their distance. Because of that, by using a social distancing floor sticker, everyone doesn’t have to worry and be overwhelmed to remind others to keep the distance. If stickers are applied on the floor, people will find it easy to control their position and movement.

3. Participate in Minimizing and Preventing the Transmission of Viruses

Do you know that by using social distancing floor stickers, you are contributing to minimizing and preventing the transmission of COVID-19? Because of that, don’t wait to be part of the action. That’s because your actions will have a good impact not only on you but also for everyone.


You can follow some tips in making a sticker. So, here is it!

  1. Avoid making the sticker too small! People will find it difficult to find and see the sticker.
  2. Choose the font type that would be easy to read by people and avoid setting the scale of the font to become too small.
  3. Identify the best type of sticker based on the place where you want the sticker to be attached. Visit a sticker printing in Singapore to find the best type of sticker based on your situation.
  4. Don’t forget to put some distance (6 feet or about 1.8 meters) when you attach the sticker on the floor.

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