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15 Things You Should Never Say To a Graphic Designer

by Velten Busch

People offering graphic design services have to deal with various clients. While working for a client, one of the most significant difficulties a graphic designer might encounter is communication. There are some things you should never say to a graphic designer. Keep reading!

1.We are still creating the content, but can you make a draft of the design?

Without content, you are stressing them. So, work on the content first, then talk to a designer.

2.Can you help me do something quickly?

Give your graphic designer time. Unless you are using AI-powered resources, designs don’t get created in minutes.

3. Can you design multiple samples so that we can decide?

Will you ask for your wedding suit or gown designer to make several outfits for your occasion so that you can select them? No! So never say that to a graphic designer.

4.Cmon, it will only take some minutes to do it

Let your designer decide how much time it will take. If you have a time limit, communicate with them, and draft out a mutually beneficial time.

5.Im not too fond of this design. You are a designer, so you should know how to correct it

Designers are not fortune tellers or telepaths. They only create when you know what you want. Communicate the idea or expectation to them.

6.It seems empty. Try making things a little bit brighter

Creating flashier and bigger will sometimes not solve the problems that a design aims to solve. If you have explained the situation to your designer, let them dictate the mood of the design.

7.Can you do this for free? I’ll add to your portfolio.

If someone offers you a service, pay them; requesting a free job is not a feasible option.

8.Can you use gold or blue? Those are my favorites.

Like every design element, colors are essential to communicate a message. Just because you prefer a color doesn’t mean it will fulfill the purpose. Leave that to a graphic designer.

9.Use the logo on my website (or on any of my channels)

Never ask your designer to take logo images from a website; that reduces the quality of the design. Preferably, send a proper folder containing the logo.

10.No pressure, but we need it ASAP

Professional graphic designers work with deadlines. Instead of giving vague deadlines, establish the exact timeline.

11.Can you change one more thing? I promise this is the last

Instead, say something like I’m deeply sorry to keep taking your time like this; I’ve seen another change I’d like to make.

12.Can you copy the style of another designer?

No professional graphic designer welcomes the idea of plagiarism. You are trying to get them into copyright issues. So don’t even suggest it.

13.Can’t you Just Photoshop it

Photoshop helps to enhance images. Always ask the designer to give you constructive feedback about the design. They are the ones that know the things that will work and those that will not.

14.Lets go back to the original concept

Asking them to keep making changes and then go back to the original idea will surely irritate them. So, be sure of the concept right from the beginning.

15.Lastly, never tell them that you know someone that could do this for less.

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