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Which Type of Stamp is Right for You?

by Grace Rouse

Humans have advanced more than we could ever imagine and there has been a lot of change in technologies among other things that change the way we do things or perform our day to day job in this world.

Innovations that comes from the escalation in technological advancement result in various new things that increase our productivities by increasing the ease of uses, even to the small things that we may not really pay attention to everyday.

One of the items that experience changes are a stamp. It is generally known as a tool that leaves a mark of the writing or symbol that has been engraved on a rubber material.

Nowadays, there are several different types of company stamp that is used for office matters. Company stamp comes in different types to adjust to the needs of the users.

If you are wondering which type of company stamp that is best for you, you can read more about several most famous types of company stamps below.

  1. Rubber Stamp

A Kiasuprint Singapore rubber stamp is known by many people, as it has existed for decades. This is one of the earliest types of stamps that is used among people for various purposes. As it is unsophisticated, it has lower convenience compared to the others. A rubber stamp needs a separate ink pad so that it can work. Thus, it takes more space in your bag or desk if you choose this type of stamp.

  1. Self Inking Stamp

Self inking stamp is a slight innovation that comes out from the thought of inconvenience and impracticality of a rubber stamp. A self inking stamp is a stamp that has already been pre loaded with ink. This small alter to the classic rubber chance makes a self inking stamp no longer require a separate ink pad. It is more convenient and easier to bring and used. This little tweak to the existing technology doesn’t cost much, especially considering the benefits it holds.

  1. Pre Inked Stamp

A pre inked stamp is not much different compared to a self inking stamp. This type of stamp also is loaded with ink, thus it does not need a separate ink pad. It is considered a more durable and reliable stamp compared to the other two as it is capable of producing crisper and sharper images. Possibly, this type of stamp is the best for formal correspondence or other deeds that are highly formal or important. By making sure that your company gives the best even in the small details, your company might look more professional and proper, thus resulting in a positive impression at all times.

With various types of stamps available to choose from, you should be able to consider one that is best according to the uses of the stamp and the quality you desire. Different manufacturers may produce different qualities, so you must check on that as well and make sure that the manufacturer of your choice is capable of producing your stamps in the quality you or your company want.

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