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What Should Know About The Popular Print Design Terminology?

by Grace Rouse

Have you worked with the design agency? Are you often get confused about what they are speaking about? Remember that the world of print design contains so many phrases and words, which are entirely unfamiliar to the ordinary person. If you do not aware of the popular print design terminology, then you will end up at the print design, which you have not expected. Sometimes, it could lead to standing in the hassle of undergoing the reprint process.

When you are in need to perform print, it is necessary to have enough understanding about the popular print design terms. This article gives some valuable information about the vital print design terms. Read them carefully and then get into your printing process.

Popular print design terminology everyone should know

Bleed – Indicates the design element or aspect on the print piece, which expands past the paper edge. Usually, designer refers a bleed by setting up the paper with the bleed mark. It measures 0.125inches past the trim area of the final piece of printing. 

Pantone colors – It comprises a set of the universal colors, which each printer in the world replicates. It is also called as Pantone color matching system (PMS). Every Pantone color comes along with the RGB, CMYK, Pantone color and hexadecimal codes. Access these codes properly to create appropriate color consistency throughout your prints as well as digital branding materials.

CMYK – It is the expansion of the ink colors commonly accessed in digital printing. The four colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Most of the images in the print documents are printed in CMYK. It should convert from other color formats to become CYMK before start printing. 

Digital printing – It is primarily for CMYK color so that it is called as 4-color process printing. For smaller printing quantities, it is one of the best and cost-effective options because it needs less preparation work. Additionally, it offers the best and instant results at affordable rates.

Offset printing – One of the popular printing methods accessed for larger print jobs i.e., more than 1000pieces. For this printing, a printer usually sets up via every color plate to create the best final product. It needs more set up to start the printing process so that it takes some time to complete the printing job. However, it also enables Pantone colors and CMYK to be utilized on the press. 

RGB – It is the abbreviation for red, green, and blue colors, which make up all kinds of color combinations display on the computer screen. Images and documents set for the screen viewing are mostly in RGB format. It must be converted to CMYK using Photoshop to access the images for print. It assists you to ensure that they are at 330ppi because images are taken from the web usually set to 72ppi. It cannot be able to large enough to do printing job without any hassles.

Apart from these terminologies, you will find plenty of print design terms in the ground so that research well and find them before reaching printing agency. 

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