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Web Design for Graphic Designers: Tips to Create the Perfect Web for Clients

by Adam

Web design is a skill that cannot be mastered within a night. A website that seems simple and stylish is made through numerous nights of brainstorming and design. Creating the perfect website will make not only the client happy but also can make your designer’s portfolio stand out. Thus, every step of the web design process should be taken carefully. Here are some tips that can help designers to create the perfect web for clients.

1. Be minimalistic

More doesn’t mean better, and this saying can be applied to web design also. Having too many objects will be too distracting.the user won’t be able to focus properly, resulting in a lacking browsing experience that might turn their attention away.

The best way to keep the user’s attention is to be minimalistic. Only put what is necessary on the page, and strategically place the content on a section that catches attention easily. For menus, you can use sliders to create a minimalistic, neat, and modern feeling.

2. Utilize negative space

Negative space, or white space, isn’t always boring. When utilized, along with proper background and font, negative space can create a simple but high-class look that catches attention right away.

Negative space can help the audience to focus on the things that matter. We can do so by surrounding the tagline or the information by white space. The designer can also play with the font when doing so. In fact, it is encouraged to make other elements such as typography to pop out to make the layout less boring.

3. Use readable fonts

No matter how beautiful a website is, it will be deemed as ineffective if the content is unreadable. It does not matter if the font looks beautiful or unique. The main purpose of the font is to deliver the message. So, it is best to use a font that is considered as readable.

Of course, this does not mean that the font should not be appealing. Using a readable font is good; using a beautiful readable font is even better, as long as it blends with the layout.

4. Pay attention to the small details

Details matter, and it is a principle every graphic design service holds onto. The small details are the elements that can create the perfect website as a whole. From the alignment of the paragraphs to the icons used, everything should be taken into consideration.

5. Responsive design

Thanks to technology and the innovations nowadays, designers are obligated to create a design that is responsive. Responsive design means that the website should adjust itself to the device used, no matter how wide the screen is. The website should remain beautiful and pleasing.

As seen above, creating a web design is no easy matter. If you think that you need a professional, do not hesitate to contact a graphic design agency near you. Not only they will give you the complete website, they’ll also give you the consultation you need. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and contact them now!

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