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Tips for Designing an Effective Brochure You May Haven’t Thought of Before

by Ken Obeid

You may already be familiar with the basics of what to do and what not to do in designing a promotional brochure for advertising and marketing that is effective. Now, you might be wondering what else you can do to make your brochure stand out more. Don’t worry, we got your back. In this article, you can find a few other things that you may haven’t really thought to do for your brochure printing.

1. Add a call to action

A call to action statement is important, and a lot of people are still not very aware of this aspect. Making a clear call to action direction ensures that your reader will know what to do after they read the information displayed on the brochure in case they are interested. The most common example of a call to action statement is “Call us!” or “Order now!”. However, you can always be creative and make your own call to action statements. Speaking about a call to action, you can even engage more with your reader or potential customer by printing a QR code on your brochure that can be scanned by smartphones. Make this QR code direct your potential customers to your website or social media so that they can learn more about your business or promotions beyond what is displayed on your brochure. A brochure like this can leave a long-lasting impression that is also strong.

2. Include positive testimonials or reviews

You can try putting positive feedbacks that you have earned if available to let people know that your product or service is reliable. The testimonials or reviews that you put on your brochure must be ones that are well written and points out your strengths well. It is even better if a person with power or capability of influencing others can leave a testimonial for you. In order to do this, you usually have to partner up with them and endorse an influencer. However, this surely will cost you more thus it isn’t mandatory.

3. Choose an appropriate finish

There are several printing finishes that you can choose to have for your brochure. Most commonly, the brochure is given paper coatings at the end of its printing process. This can make a brochure last longer and it enhances the overall look of the brochure itself. A coating usually makes the colors pop more, making your brochure look more vivid and interesting.

4. Look out for bleed and trim area

In brochure printing, you will encounter the step of cutting. In this cutting step, your brochure will be cut to its desired shape. To avoid mistakes from happening in this step, during the designing process, you have to make a spare space for bleed around the border area of the brochure. This bleed area will then get trimmed during the cutting process, leaving only the desired part of your brochure to remain. This ensures that your brochures will come out consistent, and there won’t be any important part of getting cut off during the brochure cutting step.

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