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Looking For a Cheap Marketing Alternative? Stickers May Be Your Answer

by Nikki Johnson

Marketing is always needed for the business of any size. But it is especially important for businesses that are starting and wishing to gain more exposure so that they can attract more customers for their product or service. It is widely known that marketing campaigns generally require a lot of money and it is difficult for newly starting businesses to get access to these expensive marketing and advertising method. It is conflicting because while the business needs to do whatever they can to gain more customers, they also don’t have the budget for it yet. Thus, a cost-efficient method of marketing and advertising is needed. One of the ways they can try doing is by custom Kiasu sticker printing.

Custom sticker printing is easy to be done and it is not as expensive as other methods, even ones that are equally conventional such as brochure and poster printing. Stickers are highly versatile as well as diverse that it can be used for many marketing events and publicity activities. Stickers can be made durable with the right material and it can be reused for any occasion as long as it is kept general and not too specific so it can adapt to these various events.

Stickers are marketing tools that are subtle yet effective in conveying messages and letting people know the existence of your company and brand. However, this quality depends on how well the design of the sticker is made. The design of a sticker must ensure that the right messages are printed on it, and it uses the right colors and shapes as well as images so that it can fulfill its full potential. Not only the design, but the material of the sticker is equally important. The better it is, the higher quality the sticker outcome will be, and the better impression you can give during your promotions with the stickers.


Stickers can be distributed as giveaways in an attempt to promote your business. Your business stickers can easily be distributed to pedestrians, potential customers, acquaintance, and generally anyone so that they can be aware of your business and learn about your product or service. Not only that, but stickers can also be given as freebies upon purchase or visit to your store.

Distribute in events

Find places or events with high traffic and distribute your stickers toward future business partners, investors, and customers. Promote verbally while handing them the stickers so that they can have a better understanding of your company. Make sure that the design of your sticker includes all the necessary information needed for them to contact you in case they are interested in knowing more about you. Let them know your contact number, social media handle, or website so they can explore further about your company.

Paste stickers on various items

Stickers can be pasted on many items such as cars, windows, notebooks, drinking cup, and any other places or items. However, you can’t just place your stickers without permission first. Make sure that you are allowed to do it to avoid complication. Sticking your stickers in places can help you gain more exposure, but make sure that you stay out of problem from doing unnecessary things.

Seal envelopes or mailing labels

Use your stickers or labels to seal envelopes or as mailing labels. The recipient of your letters can see the company name and logo and remember it, and this raises brand awareness over time.


Stickers can also be used as promotion. Use stickers as coupons, and interest people into buying your product or using your service by handing them your stickers as coupons. Everybody loves a sale, so it is highly likely that they will spread the words to their acquaintance. This will garner you more customers and attention to your business.

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