5 Of The Most Common Plumbing Issues Homeowners Face

As a homeowner, you have to do everything in your power to ensure that your home is in good condition. You check your electrical system regularly and your plumbing is functioning. Many plumbing issues that homeowners are faced with are a result of negligence or misinformation as they simply don’t understand how to take care of plumbing issues properly. A DIY approach makes things worse, but so does not understanding what you can and can’t do with your plumbing in the first place. Here are five of the most common plumbing issues homeowners are faced with:

1. A clogged drain can easily become the bane of your existence, and you also have to understand that a clogged drain is very commonplace in every home. Such a problem can manifest itself in the form of a clogged shower drain to a backed up kitchen sink, but in any case, you know that it can all have dire effects on your home. Of course, your drain suffers much exposure to large items that tend to be flushed. If this is the case with you and a plunger didn’t do the trick, you need a professional plumber.

2. Besides your drain, your tile is very likely to get clogged. Much of it can happen naturally, but other times, homeowners are at fault for flushing things that shouldn’t have been flushed in the first place. If you get lucky, a simple use of the the toilet plunger or a snake drain can help your toilet function, but it’s usually best to call a plumber.

3. A worn out washer is often found the be the culprit that leads to leaky faucets. If you hear your faucet dripping water or water is coming out even when it’s turned off, you simply have a leaky faucet issue that’s once again all too common in most homes. Replacing the washer is the only way to stop the problem.

4. If you’re taking a shower and notice that the water pressure is off, you’ve experienced another common plumbing issue. It usually means that your shower head is clogged with lime deposits. This can easily be remedied by using a descaling solution that will dissolve the problematic lime deposits.

5. You have a real problem if you flush your toilet and it continues to run. A running toilet is often the sign of a plumbing issue and it’s caused by the flapper valve located in your tank that’s letting too much water pass through. This can sometimes be solved as a quick home project, but once again, hiring a plumber is a much better solution.

If you recognize that your home is suffering from any of the five plumbing issues described above, it’s best to get plumber to take a look at the issue at hand. You can certainly diagnose the problem on your own, but repair can make things worse if you DIY it and you aren’t sure what you’re doing. The best thing to do is get professional help!