Quick History About Cisconi

Welcome. Here is the history of this website and it been evolved to become an info network about home services

Cisco VNI Free Resources

Empowering consumers with individual and global IP networking analytics and projections.

Cisco GIST Visualizations

This web experience visualizes the global speed tests and averages since the inception of the GIST mobile application in 2008.

Learn More Cisco GIST Visualizations

Cisco VNI Forecast App

The widely used and quoted Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast is now available in a fun and easy-to-use mobile application.

Learn More Cisco VNI Forecast App

Cisco VNI Forecast Widget

This widget allows you to define specific parameters of Cisco VNI Forecast data and create custom views/charts that may be used in public/private articles, blogs, and websites, etc.

Learn More Cisco VNI Forecast Widget

Cisco Data Meter

The Cisco Data Meter enables smartphone and tablet users to easily monitor their cellular and wi-fi data usage. View global and regional mobile usage metrics and download the free application.

Learn More Cisco Data Meter

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