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Enhance the Professional Image of Your Company Using Custom Envelope Printing

by Stan Minh

Envelope printing is necessary for companies’ mailing purposes as it will increase the chance of the letter getting opened and create a better company image as well as leaving good impression and impact on the reader. As a business owner, you should consider envelope printing for your company. To complement the envelope, the letter inside can be made enticing as well by custom letterhead printing. The uniform stationery design will help your company enhance its brand image.

Letters that come in mail rely on their own strength and attractiveness, as there is no one to convey verbally about the important messages and emphasize on the importance of the letter itself. Thus, it requires more effort to make your letter or document recognizable by the receiver. If your envelope is attractive or distinct from the others, it may catch the receiver’s attention. This is essential especially if you are trying to send out important mails.

Below are five ways you can increase the benefits of custom envelopes.

1. Use the most of your envelope size

Commonly, envelope comes in the #10 business envelope size. It is the most used envelope for letter mailings. To maximize the impact of this envelope size, you can use vibrant colors in your design, add interesting graphics, and colorful fonts. You can also make use of the two sides of the envelopes and even the flap of the envelope. However, you can also choose a larger size envelope if it’s deemed suitable. A slightly bigger envelope will stand out in the stack of mails especially with a good attractive design. You can also add more design element in larger envelopes. Remember to keep the design appropriate and professional.

2. Envelope paper quality

The paper quality may seem trivial, but it’s a game changing choice. If you choose a premium paper to print your envelopes, you may get the chance to enhance the whole image of your envelope as your design will appear better and the impression will be stronger. It will show the seriousness of your company and its professionalism.

3. Design

The design of your envelope and letterhead must be kept consistent, as well as the other company stationeries such as business cards. At the very least, decide on a company logo and a color theme to be printed on all company stationery.

4. Don’t be shy with colors

Print in full colors, add a splash to your design. Take it to your advantage. Colors may affect the mood of the readers or receivers so choose wisely. It’s best if the color is what represents your company, for example ones that match your company logo.

5. Create a matching letterhead

Letterhead printing may add the extra touch your mailing activity needs. By making a matching letterhead, you can create a cohesive look using the same logo, design, and paper stock as a whole. A lot of professional companies have a package of business identity with custom stationeries of envelopes, pocket folders, business cards, and even labels.

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