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The free Cisco Data Meter application enables Apple and Android smartphone and tablet users to easily review their cellular and wi-fi data usage, test cell and wi-fi connection speeds, and find nearby wi-fi hotspots. This site provides aggregate global metrics and visualized analytics for Cisco Data Meter users in the following data categories:

This site currently reflects Android mobile data usage. The iPhone version of Cisco Data Meter launched on iTunes in May 2013 and metrics will be reported starting in the future.

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Total Installs
Total Reporting

"Total Installs" represents the number of users (as of today) who have installed the Cisco Data Meter application. "Total reporting" represents the number of users (as of today) who are regularly contributing mobile data usage information for this site via the Cisco Data Meter application.

Data Consumption

Provides daily data consumption statistics by connection (cell or wi-fi); by device (smartphone or tablet); and on a global or regional basis per average daily mobile data consumption per user.

Data Type




Application Details

Provides monthly data on the percentage of mobile data traffic generated from ten key application categories.

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