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Create a Better-Looking Letterhead with These Tips

by Ken Obeid

Having a custom letterhead makes a big difference compared to sending out business correspondence on a plain paper. With official stationery, your documents will have a more authentic and professional image. Letterhead printing is an essential aspect for many businesses from large to small and can even be used by individuals. Generally, you can’t go wrong with having your own letterhead.

However, people often make mistakes in their design by not paying attention to details and aspects that support the design of a letterhead. So what makes a good letterhead design and what elements need to be considered for it? You will find out below.

1. Alignment

Some people do it differently. Commonly, letterhead is on top of the letter and sits at the center alignment. Center alignment is more preferable because it gives off a more sophisticated and edgy image. It catches more attention as it’s right in the middle so that the eyes will automatically focus on the letterhead instead of anywhere else.

2. Colors

Print your letterhead in full colors. Use splashes of colors in background, font, and logo. Create an integrated look by choosing the right colors to make your letterhead stand out in the stack of mail. However, never do it too much by putting in random colors just so that it will appear colorful. This is unnecessary and possibly only waste money for something that doesn’t appear good. Keep a limit of a few colors that creates a strong impression or are heavily related to your business for ease of recognition by clients or prospects.

3. Mind the space

Don’t be overboard in creating your letterhead. Make sure it leaves space for other elements on the letter and within the letterhead itself. Adjust the text and image size as well as the borders of your letters. A cluttered letter is never pleasant on the eye. Instead, it will only make your readers discouraged to read your letter no matter how important.

4. Fonts

It is the most important part of your letterhead. Place your font on it and make sure the reader knows who’s writing to them by also including your full company name especially if your font only has the abbreviation of it. Create a consistent image for your company by choosing the same font and color theme across all official stationery. People will gradually associate you with that, for example, YouTube with its red logo.

4. Envelopes

Print matching envelopes to complete the look. With a good envelope that goes with a uniform design, it may interest your correspondence receiver to open it. Envelope printing goes hand in hand with letterhead printing and they are crucial for your mailing activities.

6. Make sure they’re used

Once your letterheads and envelopes are printed, make sure that all your staff in your company use them for their purpose. As you send out company letters, you are also advertising your brand through the attached logo on the envelope and letterhead. This is a good way to build brand awareness among your clients, customers, and business associates.

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