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Common Seal’s Importance and How to Get One

by Nikki Johnson

A common seal is a small tool that holds many advantages and benefits, especially around the office. It is important now, and it was even more back then. A common seal used to be mandatory for the purpose of document authorization. However, it is now lo longer and obligation. Despite so, many companies still regard it as a necessity for the sake of propriety and professionalism that the request for the manufacture of a common seal is still quite high even now.

A common seal in Singapore works by pressing two metal plates against each other with a sheet of paper in the middle. It will leave an embossed imprint on the paper. Most commonly, the company logo and registration date is the one that is engraved on the metal plate design.

A common seal represents the decision of the whole company, not an individual. Thus, it is very important and not just anyone can use it.

People of authority that can use a common seal is the company directors and the company secretary upon approval or authorization from the company director in special circumstances. It would also require a witness that can attest to the process to be present.

As mentioned before, the use of a common seal is no longer mandatory since now the signature of the company director would suffice to authorize a document. However, due to its positive implications for the authorization process, it is really beneficial to keep a common seal around and use it. There’s really no harm in using it. If any, it will only make your company appear better in the eyes of your relations and links.

Getting a common seal is pretty simple. All you have to do is to create the design and hand it to a common seal manufacturer. However, keep in mind that in the design of a common seal, the registration number of the company must be present. To get ar registration number, you have to make sure that your company is already registered with the government. After that, you can input your registration number into the design of your common seal. The manufacturing process of a common seal does not usually take very long. Commonly, it can be done within several working days. However, there are some places that can get it done within approximately one day. This usually costs more, but it is good for those of you who require a common seal in a hurry.

The quality of a common seal, of course, may vary depending on the place that you are making the orders to. There are ones that are cheap, there are ones that are rather expensive. It is best to find a place that can offer a price that is suitable for the quality that they can offer. As much as possible, try to find a place that can offer you a high quality common seal because high quality common seal is more durable compared to cheaper and lower quality common seal. This will make your common seal last for a long time and you don’t have to worry about it getting broken too quick. However, remember to think about the available budget for production as well. It is okay to get an average common seal, as long as you can make sure that it is comfortable to use and can leave a good impression on the paper.

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