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Avoid These 4 Things If You Want to Make a Good Poster

by Adam

The poster is not a new thing. When you walk on the street or even in school, you can easily find a poster around. Besides, you can also find it often on social media. The poster can be used for a campaign or even promotion purpose. Since a poster can be used for a variety of purposes and easy to have, that’s why people prefer to use it. Well, even though posters have become commonplace, sometimes we also see uneffective posters around us. So, if you want to make a good and effective poster, there are a few things you need to avoid and concern when making the poster. Here are the things!

1. Be Careful About Being Overdesign

There’s nothing wrong if you become excited and intended to create the best poster. But please, don’t make your excitement allow you to put everything on your poster design. A poster must be able to attract people, but if you make it overdesign, maybe you’ll get the contrary result. You should become more relaxed when doing a design. Since the design is obligatory for a poster, it is also holding an important role. So, don’t make it rush and destroying it. Because of that, you need to avoid being overdesign. Don’t use too many shapes and avoid using an excessive color. But most importantly, you need to make sure if your design shows properly what you wanna convey on it.

2. Having No Idea About the Purpose and Concept of Making a Poster

Sometimes, people just go making their design without thinking about its purpose or even making a concept. But to make a good poster, identifying and making a concept is essential! So, ask yourself what is the purpose of making it. Knowing the purpose help you to construct a concept for supporting you to achieve your goals. Then, the concept will be executed when you begin to design it.

3. Uninteresting Message

You are allowed to put any text, phrase, or even a sentence on your poster. By using it, you can deliver a message on your poster that can also attract people’s attention. But, there is no guarantee that every word, phrase, or even a sentence, will be delivered well to the audience. Especially, if the text you have put on the poster is not interesting for the audience. Usually, it can happen because of the lack of information about the target audience. So to avoid that, setting and knowing the target audience must be your priority when you decide to make a poster. But, knowing the audience is not enough. You should also understand them to know how to approach them.

4. Overlooking the Quality of Printing

If you want to make a hard file poster, you need to pay more attention to the quality of printing. Never expect that you’ll have a good poster if it hasn’t a good printing quality. So, you have to consider having a good quality of printing. You can also choose the best type for your poster, whether you want it to be printed on art paper or make a foam poster board. So, never underestimate the printing quality since it is necessary for making a good poster.

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