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A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Skincare

by Adam

The skin is the visible outer layer of the skin, and therefore it must be properly cared for at all times. The first step is to identify the skin type that you have. There are three kinds of skin categories, which include: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin. Identifying your skin type will help you know the right type of cosmetic products to use on the skin; using the wrong type of skin product can prevent severe damage such as rashes, acne, black spots, and scars.

There are some basic skincare routines to follow to attain radiant and glowing skin; they include;

Regular clean up: The skin needs to be regularly cleaned up daily to remove germs that can cause various skin problems like eczema, rashes, pimples. When these germs accumulate on the skin, they penetrate the skin pores, multiply and cause havoc. An individual that has dry skin does not necessarily need to wash the skin harshly to avoid removing the skin’s natural oil. These natural oil help to naturally moisturize the outer layer of individuals with dry skin.

Moisturizers: Moisturizers can be used for skins that are so dry, it is important to use a moisturizer that is lightly weighted to prevent it from blocking the pores of the skin. Moisturizing the skin frequently helps you to feel fresh all day long without any form of irritation.

Sunscreen: A lot of people today are always exposed to the heat of the sun; the heat coming directly from the sun is enough to dry the moisture away from the skin. Therefore it is important to always use sunscreens before exposing yourself to the sun as they block the rays from penetrating the skin and causing a lot of harm.

Proper hydration: The body requires a lot of water to stay hydrated all day long. Taking a small quantity of water can cause damage to the skin. Staying hydrated at all times helps the skin to look younger, fresh, and smooth. If you are not well hydrated, the skin would not be able to produce natural oils that help remove toxins from the inner layer of the skin. Proper hydration also helps to build up the skin tissues, which leads to skin elasticity.

Good sleep posture: A good sleep should also be adhered to as folding the skin while sleeping in the wrong position could lead to wrinkles. Wrinkles make an individual look much older than their age; therefore, to avoid this occurrence, it is important to maintain a good sleep posture at all times.

Maintaining a healthy diet: It is important to always watch what we eat as some categories of food should not be consumed excessively into the body. Food that contains fatty contents is capable of making the skin produce excess oils, which will, in turn, result in the formation of spots that can affect the overall appearance of the skin.

It is also necessary to change our pillowcase regularly and wash out makeup from the face before going to bed. Adhering to all this will lead to beautiful skin.

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