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6 Graphic Design Trends that will Boom in 2021

by Karol Kuzmin

New year, new resolutions, and of course, new trends! Every year the world of graphic design is always welcomed with a new trend that always enlivens the creative community. Although the predictions below are not 100% accurate, these are the trends that have the chance to boom in 2021.

1. 3D Design

3D Design is not a new trend and has been quiet around for a while. However, it is getting more and mode advanced, technology-wise and art-wise. It’s getting common now to see 3D art on social media and other digital platforms. Moreover, other aspects of technology are geared toward 3D-related things such as augmented reality and virtual reality. It won’t be a surprise if 2021 becomes 3D design’s year.

2. Sustainability

Just like 3D Design, sustainability is not a new topic and has been around for quite some time. However, the awareness on it has been steadily increasing, with 2019 and 2020 as the peaks where more people are turning toward sustainable lifestyles.

Brands are aware of the new sustainable lifestyle and are starting to eye the practitioners are potential customers. So don’t be surprised if your graphic design agency is starting to receive more and more environmental-friendly works.

The second point leads to the third one, which is…

3. Nature

Since nature and sustainability are closely related, it won’t be a surprise if the two categories are entangled in a project together.

Besides sustainability, people are leaning toward natural-based products that are chemical-free. There is nothing but nature design that can represent natural products better.

4. Emoji

Emoji is a classic that never fails to deliver. It creates a minimalistic and sleek appearance that is brimming with positivity and vibrant colors. Emoji-related design will never fail the creator.

However, emoji design should never be underestimated. Although it’s simple, the color play must be taken into the consideration. If the color combination is not appealing, even the emoji won’t save the design.

5. Classic fonts

People always tend to go back to the classics, no matter in what category. The same goes with graphic design. Classic font is one of the most common fonts used due to its safe design, making it commonly used by financial services.

However, classic fonts now are even used in modern and minimalist design. You can see it everywhere on wallpapers, bag design, and even shoes. Many are starting to realize the perks of using classic fonts, making it used more often by designers now.

6. Muted colors

Muted colors are light colors that are not bright nor vivid. They are “matte” in a sense (although they’re not). Muted colors will never give us eye pain, and they give a feeling of security or even nostalgia at times. Hence, many brands, especially wellness brands, are starting to use muted colors.

Some trends are new, while some are not. With 2021 starting, we will have to see which trend will make it until the end or not. Which one do you think will last until the end of 2021?

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