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5 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark

by Ruri Chip

When we are about to take the final step to start our venture, many doubts can come to our heads. For that reason, we tend to look for information on the Internet that can help us know if we are doing everything the correct way. If this has happened to you, we are happy to tell you that you have come to the right place.

Finding the perfect alternative for entrepreneurs on the web is not an easy task. That is why, today, we bring you not just one but a compilation of those websites every entrepreneur should bookmark. Pay attention to the following and find out.

  1. Inc. Mgazine.

INC magazine is a project focused on growing American companies. It has a list titled Inc. 5000 that each company tries to enter as one of its greatest goals. However, this is not the only fascination of this site.

For entrepreneurs, this is a website that they should bookmark because it has a useful section for start-ups. In it, you will be able to find accurate texts about what you should do and avoid when starting your business. Besides, it contains educational articles and manuals on finance, leadership, and business growth.

  • Forbes:

If you are a business owner, Forbes is another one of the websites that you cannot forget. It has a section entirely dedicated to entrepreneurs where you can stay up-to-date with the most relevant information from the business world.

In its articles, you will not find many tips, but you will be able to know the most interesting news of the moment about the most significant undertakings in recent days. Besides, it has a section called Forbes Woman, where women entrepreneurs can connect with other professionals.

  • Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur.com is one of the essential websites for new entrepreneurs looking for motivation. It has a section about Inspiration where you can find information about the entrepreneurs who are leading the industry and the pioneers of this generation.

Whether you have a complicated question or are looking to learn a little more about the business world, Entrepreneur articles will be of great help to you. Also, if you’re feeling a little depressed or anxious about the future of your business, this is a site you should bookmark.

  • The Economist.

This is another site that every entrepreneur should visit, as it allows us to observe the global economic outlook. The Economist shows all the factors that affect the world market. Therefore, even if it is not related to your daily activities as an entrepreneur, it can help you understand how your business influences the economy.

Its business and finance section is really valuable for those who want to brand their business and understand the role their work plays in the international economy.

  • Bloomberg.

This is another of the most popular platforms for business owners. And, if you aspire to become one of them, then you should bookmark this website. The most useful section of Bloomberg for entrepreneurs is called “leaders.”

They publish news and information of interest to leaders at all levels. Furthermore, it has a section entitled Leadership, where entrepreneurs and business owners can get guidance to improve decision-making.

Visit these other sites if you are interested with their content:

  1. Moconews.net
  2. Lonestartimes.com
  3. KissMyDear.com.tw
  4. Mokis.tw
  5. LifeDaily.tw

Now that you have read these options, tell us, are there any more you want to add to the list? What are your favorites?

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