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4 tips to improve your print on demand conversion rate

by Stan Minh

Conversion rates are of huge importance to websites, especially to the ones that are trying to sell different types of goods and items.

If your website is not generating any conversion rates then you are not having traffic, therefore you are not selling.

Let’s begin with the basics first and explain what conversion rate optimization is.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

You can divide the CRO into two pieces:

  • Macro – all the big actions customers make like purchasing your product
  • Micro – smaller steps like reading the product description, adding items to the basket, likes of products, sign-ups, log-ins, and other

The whole idea here is to give the ultimate shopping experience to the customers and make them decide and buy faster. This leads to more revenue and returning clients.

Here are some vital tips you can check to optimize your CR.

Include paid ads in your campaign

Paid ads on Google and Facebook are showing incredible results.  When you target your audience right and set your budget you can turn more visitors into clients.

If you use online stores such as Etsy or Shopify some plugins and extensions can help you with integrating paid advertising.

Facebook and Google are giants when it comes to improving conversion rates, use them regularly, and reap the benefits of that.

Include discount vouchers

Discounts on your website or your ads are going to show an increase in overall sales.  Do not just wait for holidays to put them on but in periods when you are not generating sales you can announce a “countdown at lower prices” or promote your codes through your Instagram account or YouTube channel.

There are many possibilities, it is unreal. Think of a good strategy for-profit and add so discount codes, you will end up with higher conversion rates after all.

Simple site map and navigation

Make sure you fix all the parts of your website that are not working like broken links, categories, missing media files, buttons, and more. Improving conversion rates is bonded with improving your website functionality first, be sure you have this in mind when launching your store.

Make it mobile-friendly

Testing your online shop for mobile-friendliness is a major step. More and more people nowadays are shopping on the go.

Some statistics show that there is a rise of 60% of people who are shopping through their smart devices. Think of that and how your conversion rates can improve when you have a mobile-friendly website.


By sticking to the basics and improving your website, you can multiply your conversions on your website and sell to potential clients as well.

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