4 Different Types of Locksmith In Singapore

The fast pacing environment in an urban city like Singapore has the high need for locksmith services. Due to hectic schedule, stress, and deadlines, it is just understandable that many will get confused and misplace the key of their cars, homes, and office rooms somewhere else. In times like this, the professional locksmith is the person that you should call to help you out but did you know that there is also specialization in this field? You cannot simply call any locksmith if your lock is digital. To know more, we have outlined different types of locksmith according to their services and expertise that you can find in Singapore.

The Different Types of Locksmiths In Singapore:

Below is the list of specialized field and skills of the locksmith that you must know before you call for locksmith services.

  1. The Emergency Locksmith

If you had lost or misplaced your key somewhere and you arrived at your place in the middle of the night, then you need to call the emergency locksmith. They are the locksmith that is open to servicing their clients even 24 hours so whenever you need some help, even if it is the most inconvenient time of the day they will be there to help you.

  1. The Residential Locksmith

This is the type of locksmith that specializes in home locks and are door lock singapore suppliers. Their skills include replacement of the locks, installation, repair, and others. Check out the locksmith that offers residential services in Singapore and you can see that they are more fit to work for your homes.

  1. The Commercial Locksmith

If you need installation of locks for commercial buildings and establishment then do not call for the residential locksmith. The scope of work for a residential locksmith is limited and they also have limited knowledge when it comes to the structure and layout of the building. This needs a little bit of expertise so you need a commercial locksmith.

  1. The Auto Locksmith

Clients and customers should be informed that there are specification and skills need for a locksmith to help you with your vehicle locks. That is why if you can’t drive your car because the key is stuck in the ignition system you call the auto locksmith and not the commercial locksmith. They are the one who is trained and operate to give services for locks and keys that is installed in your car.

Although there is an occasion that a certain type of locksmith can help you on your problem like a commercial locksmith can also do services in residential places, this because the scope of the commercial locksmith is wider than the residential locksmith, but if it is otherwise, then it is not recommendable. If you hire someone who is less knowledgeable then you are putting yourself at risk. You cannot be assured that they had installed, or repair it correctly and we are talking about security for our property here so better safe than sorry. Hiring the expert always mean that you can sleep in at night without having a constant worry that someone will break into your home or building.

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