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4 Basic Types of Easel Stand for Artists

by Ken Obeid

An easel stand is of great importance for artists because it supports comfort during working and it can even boost your motivation. 

There are a lot of different types of easel stands that you can choose, however it does not mean that you can just use any type of easel stand. You have to fully understand your preferences and working requirements so that you can match it with the type of easel stand available. 

For starters, ask yourself this: 

What medium do you use? Do you prefer to work indoors? Or do you like to move around with your work? Do you have a large working space? 

These questions help you get the general idea of the right easel stand for you. 

Here are the types of easel stands and their description as well as advantages and disadvantages for your consideration: 

1. Single Mast Easels 

For beginners, it is recommended to start out with this type of easel stand as it is very simple and definitely affordable too. This type of easel stand is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can bring it to your art classes or wherever you want. Even though it is light, it is still quite sturdy and reliable for painting. Although, the size of the canvas that it can hold is not too big. 

2. A Frame Easel 

If you need an easel stand that is sturdier than the single mast easel, then how about this one? It has three legs that support the painting. Sometimes, the A frame easel stand is also called a tripod easel stand because of this. This type of easel stand is sturdy, reliable, and convenient as it can be folded and stored in several simple steps. It supports small to medium sized canvases with adjustable frame. If you need to work both indoors and outdoors, then this one is great for you. Also, it is preferable to choose this easel stand if you have limited space and needs to put away your easel stand once you’re done working. 

3. H Frame Easel 

If the A frame easel is not sturdy enough for you and too small for the canvases that you usually use, then try the H frame easel. This easel is made out of durable wood or aluminum that makes it sturdy. It is perfect for vigorous artists that work with large canvases. This type of easel stand is usually heavy, so it can’t be folded and taken away to places as easy as the single mast easel and the A frame easel. This is the perfect canvas for your spacious studio. 

4. Tabletop Easel 

Working with watercolor? Then you can’t do it in an upright position because the paint will run down the surface of the canvas or paper. If you use watercolor as your medium, you will need a tabletop easel which angle can be adjusted the way you want it. It is a small easel that is best for people who work with watercolor or for ones who prefer sketching instead of painting altogether.

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